Demos recordings by Sting & The Police

Updated 16.09.2007.

Rehearsal demos from Sacred Love album:

Dead Man's Rope, take 1 (4:07)
Dead Man's Rope, take 2 (2:21) released a live version of Sacred Love, live recording from Lisbon, Portugal

Sting, All Thease Time / Unplugged Rehearsal + live tracks (bootleg):

Disk 1: rehearsal

Little Wing
Mad about you
All this time
Untitled jam
Love affair
Why should i cry for you
message in a bottle
Every breath you take
Fragile #1
Fragile #2
The soul cages
Untitled jam
Blues tune

Disc 2: Complete live concert:

All this time
Mad about you
Why should i cry for you
Untitled jam
Message in a bottle
Every breath you take
Tea in the sahara
Walkin gon the moon
Ain't no sunshine
The soul cages

Found a extended video remix of Desert Rose, the tracks runs for 5:03, the tracks has total differet intro and ending than any other release of Desert Rose, the sound is very dj dubed like !

The video of We'll Be Together was released in two version, one without soundeffect, and one with
The video with sound effect runs for 4:48.


1). Brand New Day (single edit) 4:04
2). A Thousand Years (sigle) 4:46
3). A Thousand Years (instrumental B) 5:50
4). Fill Her Up (B-side version 1)4:40
5). Fill Her Up (B-side version 2) 4:39
6). Big Lie, Small World (B-Side) 5:07
7). Tomorrow We'll See (B-side) 4:49
8). Desert Rose (B-side) 5:08
9). Folk Tune (B-side) 5:34
10) Bach Parita (B-side) 2:45

Best track would be track 9. Folk Tune: it's actually...........yes Ghost Story, recorded in a beatiful instrumental version. Track 10, also instrumental version (one guitar solo by Sting).
Track 3., yes instrumental - nothing special.
The version of Big Lie, Small World is fun as it has Sting humming through the track, apart from the Chours line: Big Lie, Small World.

PS. About track 10. "Predlude from "Cello Suite No. 1 in G major" by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Video featuring Alessandrea Ferri and Sting was released as a video see it here:


1). Inside - same recording as the album version.
2). Send Your Love - same as the album version.
3). Send Your Love - same as the radio edit.
4). Send Your Love - same as the radio edit.
5). Whenever - same recording as the album version.
6). Deads Mans Rope - This version is actually pitched up - faster version.
7). Newer Coming Home - This version is the SACD version where Jason Rebello just keps on hitting the piano.
8). Stolen Car - This version has a longer ending, 4:34
9). Forget About The Future - has longer ending 5:59
10). This War - Drum intro has been deleated from the album release (4-5 seconds).
11). The Book Of My Life - same as the album release.
12). Sacred Love - - same as the album release.

Sting & Eve: Perfect love….Gone Wrong: Remixes
Sting & Eve demos There is a 9 track mix cd, but not much different from each other, they are all more or lees of the same kind. Two of them are interesting, the one is an instrumental, and the other pure acapella (the last is great - stings voice is amazing perfect with his high and deeb vocals). Another track has sting barking like a dog at the end !
The female vocals are by rapper Eve (Eve Jihan Jeffers)- great job (if you like the fast rapping) :-)
This strange recording may be early demos for the: "perfect love...gone wrong" !! It's for sure other vocals than the album release. Reason ! the lyrics has been changed a tiny bit, the words:"perfect love...gone wrong" don't appear ! and sting sings: "We was so happy, just the two of us". On the album version it's: "I was so happy..."……….STRANGE.

Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, 9 tracks, from cdr. newer official released:
01). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Original Mix 4:23
02). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, No Intro 4:21
03). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Mix 4:52
04). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Extended Remix 5:04
05). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Repeat 4:22
06). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Eve vocal 4:22
07). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Simple choir 4:22
08). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Instrumental 4:21
09). Perfect Love…Gone Wrong, Sting & Eve, Acapella 4:19

Rare cd with Sting & Eve
Rapper Eve making demo with Sting
Rapper Eve

About the video version of: Why Shoul I Cry For You:
This version has different start, the first 5 seconds has cicadas playing - lol, tracks runs for 4:30.

Here is a list of the more rare stuff, if youre not a freak – don't waste your time.
Most of the tracks has a lot of hiss and clics, futhermore dropouts, and more ! – Thanx to Fat Records.

The Police: "Regatta Rehearsal"
All instrumental demos, some of the most ash-kicking tracks i ever heard from the police. All track played like if it was the last time.
Tracks really fits the image of The Police as playing punk music. Stewarts keeps hitting the drums and it's all just so fast and......well...very fast.

1. Message In A Bottle, 4:16
2. Bring On The Night, 4:28
3. Can’t Stand Losing You, 6:35
4. The Bed’s Too Big Without You, 5:32
5. Next To You, 2:05
6. Fall Out, 2:19
7. Truth Hits Everybody, 2:31
8. Peanuts, 2:52
9. Driven To Tears, 3:57
10. When The World Is Runnning Down….., 2:40
11. So Lonely, 4:53

The Police (Sting)
Allmost finished demo tracks made by Sting. Sting did all the vocals and instruments. The tracks was presented to Stewart and Andy. Can you guys play this ? Well they did there best but not much was changed from Stings original demo tracks. Track 9-14 ended up as garbage.

Ghost in the machine Demos:

1. Secret Journey, 3:53
2. Spirits In The Material World, 3:12
3. Invisible Sun, Alt. Version, 3:05
4. Too Much Information (Instrumental), 3:33
5. One World (Not Three), 2:58
6. Hungry For You, 3:50
7. Invisible Sun, 3:26
8. Secret Journey, 3:42
9. Don’t You Belive Me Baby, 4:09
10. Don’t Think We Could Ever Be Friends, 3:37
11. Don’t You Look At Me, 4.50
12. It’s Newer Too Late, 3:47
13. Don’t Give Up Your Daytime Job, 4:44
14. Don’t Think We Could Ever Be Friends, take 1, 3:42
15. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, 3:54
16. Untitled (Instrumental) (Sting plays some heavy bass and keyboards) 3.49

Sting: The Soul Cages Demos:

1. Island Of Souls, 6:52
2. All This Time, 5:10
3. Why Should I Cry For You, 5:05
4. Jeremiah Blues, 5:32
5. Ain’t No Sunshine, 4:24
6. Mad About You, 3:37
7. The Wild Wild Sea, 7:20
8. The Soul Cages, 6:03
9. *Mad About You (Italian version called: Muoio Per Te) Only sung by Zucchero, 3:48

*Back in 1990 Sting send a demo track of: "Mad About You" to Zucchero, asking him to do the italian version. Using Stings demo Zucchero did the italian version. Zucchero sends his work back to Sting for his opinion, befor the track starts Zucchero says:"Hi Sting, I love this song - God Bless You". The final recording of the italian version ended up on the japanese single: "Why Sould I Cry For You" and the Italian version of Best of Sting 1984-1994. In 2004 Zucchero did a new recording with Sting for the Zucchero album:"Zucchero, Zu & Co".


20.08.03. released the track:
She’s Too Good For Me, 3:10 it a recording from the rehearsal september 10, 2001.

STING: …all this time:

Just got a dvd player to my pc, and finally got to see / hear the: All This Time concert.
Apart from the concert tracks, I found also the following 3 tracks. (Midi ?)

1). Fields Of Gold, demo, 1:18
2). When We Dance, demo, 1:00
3). After The Rain Has Fallen (Instrumental) (sounds like a demo), 2:51

There are 4 bonus tracks, which are interresting because they're not on the cd album, 4 of them are from the dress rehearsal september 10, 2001.

Englishman In New York, 4:36
Fill Her Up, 3:22
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, 4:21
Desert Rose, 5:36

The dvd also got some nice recording from the Hallway Sessions, only bad thing is that they not been played in full length, or stings talking in over. Dont Stand So Close To Me, is the only one without talking but it only rans for 1:10. Cool track anyway.

Ps. later released the track: She's Too Good For Me (3:10), live version also form the dress rehearsal september 10, 2001.

Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tibute dvd.
One track with Sting live: “They Dance Alone” (7:04)

STING: Summoner’s Travel:
Here you’ll find the very rare insturmental version of: “Mad About You”.

PC- Cdrom: All This Time
The game has some very nice and special verision, only found here:

Down so long, 3:08
Music from the film: Radio One, Sting playes acustic guitar, 0:47
Fragile, acustic, 2:26
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, sting counting + studio version, 5:29
Message In A Bottle, very nice version, 4:30
Venezuelan Waltz, Dominic Miller & Sting, 1:10
I Was Brought To My Senses, 1:20
When We Dance, very nice version, 1:34

Do you know the remix of Demolition Man ?

Well is was remixed by two danish guys: Soulshock & Karlin (Soulpower)
Here is what they said about the remix: “Hey why don’t you guys do a R’n’B version of this new Sting song....easier said than done! This was a lot of work. We pitched up his vocals 10-15 bpm, harmonized them back in tune (this was before pro tools!) and made the whole track in half tempo...sounds complicated? was! But we love the result”. Check their web page:

------------------------ T H E P O L I C E ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The Police,
Synchronite Concert,
From the double cd that came some years ago, the track: “One World”, was somehow missing.:
The track can be found on the vhs-video. 089 826-3 german release from 1984.