Andy Summers Round Midnight

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  Andy Summers - Round Midnight



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  Radio Edit # 1, 3:20
Radio Edit # 2, 4:42
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Andy Summers - Guitar
Sting - Vocals
Peter Erskine - Drums
David Carpenter- Bass

Andy Summer wrote:Round Midnight by Thelonius Monk is one of the great ballads and again like the Mingus album it was in the spirit of showing the breadth of a great composer that I decided to include this on the Green Chimneys album. Knowing that Sting would probably love to sing such a great pice of material. I didn't feel bad about sending him a message about the Monk album and the possibility of getting together on this track. In short order I got a very positive responce. The problem now was time, place and how to put the whole thing together. I recorded a demo of the backing harmonies and arrangement to give him an idea of tempo, key, ect. No problem there except he wanted it down a half step into E flat minor the original key rather than E minor where I was playing it not only for convenience but also the fact that the guitar in that key is proxy to several dissonant chord voicings that disappear in the flat key. But the singer rules and the only way around this was for me to put heavier gauge strings on the guitar and tune it down a half step and voila! I recorded the track with Peter Erskine and Dave Carpenter and took a flight the next day to Italy where Sting was living. Stings home in Italy is the stuff of dreams. Recording the song was no problem, getting me to leave was, and I have been thinking even since of some other songs we might record there.