Updated: 05.01.2009

This is a list of some of the different unofficial Sting and The Police remixes, that keep pupping up on different vinyl releases or the www. Have fun while tracking them down :-)

Latest added:

Sting, House In NY, 5:25 (Genre: Electronic, House remix 2007)

The Police vs Mandy Moore (Masher Disco) Hey Pop Slut, 2:51
The Police, Classics Remixed - Every Breath You Take (The Beatmeister's Remix) 3:59
The Police, Too Much Information - Freshfish Dub 2001 Mix, 8:09
Sting, If I Ever Loose My Faith In You - DJ Buhtl Latin Tribal Mix 3:54
The Police: Walking on Magenta Moon. Arno Cost & Arias "Magenta" Tempo : 125bpm, 6:20
The OPolice vs. 1 2 3 4 Breathe, 3:45
The Police vs Disco Freaks, "Every breath takes me to the sun", 5:42
Council Truth, The Police vs. ? 2:56
Efree Breathe You Take, The Police vs. Ultra Nate, 3:16
The Police vs. Sean Kingston, Every Beautiful Girl You Take, 4:47
The Police vs. Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police), 4:11
The Police vs. Wham, Every Christmas You Fake, 4:21
Sting vs. The Police vs Fiction Plane. 3:58
The Police vs. Liberty X, Just a little Roxanne, 2:55
The Police vs. Hi-brid, Message Influx, 6:12
The Police vs. Rick James, Put on the Superfreak, 3:13
The Police vs. ? Roxanned to Death, 3:32

The Police Vs. Alphaville - Sounds Again Like The Voices Inside My Head (DJ Simon Iddol), 4:04
Sting vs. UNKLE - Be Still My Burning Shadow, 4:43 (Great mashup by dj lobsterdust)
Sting & Eric Clapton vs. Blu Cantrell - Lethal Cantrell, 4:26 (Original Mash by Matt Bland. Re-mashed by Bobby Martini. Contains elements from the songs : "Hit 'Em Up Style" by Blu)

The Police Vs. Dirty South - Little Black Spot, 6:41
The Police Vs. Dirty South - Little Black Spot Edit, 4:36
The Police Vs. Bloc Party Vs Eminem - Like Eating Moon - Dj Moule, 3:56
Fragile (Signum Progressive Edit), 7:51
Fragile (Signum Signal Remix), 6:48

King Of Pain - Basement Jaxx Mix, 6:31
Too Much Information - Freshfish Dub 2001 Mix, 8:09
Roxanne - Liquidbrain Dub Mix White Label 2001, 6:49
Russians - Fanfarre Remix DJ Imagenation, 2:38

Sting & Luminary - Desert World (Shoma's Reconstruction), by: Dj Bell, 9:24
Its a mash up of Sting - Desert Rose and Luminary - Desert World (Andy Moor Remix) I added some crazy FX, some loops and guitar lead. Enjoy :) Shoma".
The Police vs. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) -" Roxannes Hump”, 4:10
The Police vs. Ben E King, " Every Breath You Take / Stand By Me", mixed by Rob de Blank, 3:32
The Police vs. Elvis Costello, Mash up. - Wrapped Detective (GHP), 5:13 (cool new version).
The Police vs. Beastie Boys Mash Up - INTERGALACTIC / Voices Inside My Head,
The Police vs. Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death
, 3:33
The Police vs. Jungle Brothers Mash Up - Lonely Jungle Brothers, produced by anonymous., 4:58
Oh my god:
The Police vs. Backstreet Boys [produced by DJ Joel-Steven, aka 'Voicedude'] 3:29
The Police vs Justin Timberlake vs U2 vs Freddy Fresh 'So Lonely with or without your sexy back' mixed by EARLYBIRD, 4:53
Close To Me (Close To Me (Don't Stand So)), Arty Fufkin presents The Cure vs The Police vs ACDC vs Wham! vs Bobby McFerrin vs Katrina and the Waves vs David Bowie vs Cold Chisel vs Corey Hart vs Prince vs Paul McCartney, 1:58

Filter Funk S.O.S. (Message In A Bottle):
1. Hi_Track radio edit 2:57
2. Sander van Doorn radio edit 3:31
3. Hi_Track remix9 6:10
4. Sander van Doorn remix 8:38
5. FilterFunk remix 7:38
6. Tom Novy remix 7:10
The Police - Message In A Bottle (SOS) (Sander van Doorn Remix) (7:11)

The Hoxton Whores vs. Jimmy Cliff & Sting -People 2005, the track runs for 8:26
The Hoxton Whores vs. Jimmy Cliff & Sting -People (Dub.Mix) (9:34)
Every Bomb You Make (David Moore Radio Mix), 2:51
Every Bomb You Make (David Moore Extended Mix), 4:27
Spirits In The Material World (David Moore Dub Mix), 5:49
Voices Inside My Head (Tribal Mix), 6:30

1. Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You (Rudy Gonzales Mix) by john pillin, BPM 72 (6:05)
2. Duran Duran, Ordinary World (Big Comeback Mix) by steve smith & john pillin, BPM 80 (7:25)
3. Sade, No Ordinary Love (Standstill Mix) by smoothie, BPM 84 (8:22)
4. Sting, If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Internal Affairs Mix) by barney miler, BPM 100 (7:13)
5. The Cure, To The Sky (Original Version) by tim pope, BPM 112 (5:12)
6. Boy George, The Crying Game (Academy Award Mix) by john pillin, BPM 120 (11:05)
7. Erasure, Who Needs Love Like That (Cyberpunk Dub) by john pillin, BPM 124 (7:04)
8. The Sugarcubes, Leash Called Love (Credit Tony Mix) by john pillin, BPM (7:48)
9. Xymox, Obsession (Light Strike Mix) by john pillin, BPM 130 (7:33)
10. U2, I Will Follow (War Stories Mix) by boy, BPM 160 (7:18)
Date Of Issue: 1993

1. Sade, Cherish The Day (Go Astray Mix) by john pillin, BPM 80 (10:11)
2. Duran Duran, Come Undone (Button Fly Mix) by john pillin, BPM 96 (6:03)
3. Sting, Fields Of Gold (Gold Rush Mix) by john pillin, BPM 102 (8:23)
4. Janet Jackson, That's The Way Love Goes (Ends Mean Mix) by john pillin, BPM 104 (4:00)
5. Stephanie Mills, Never Do You Wrong (Right Wrong Mix) by john pillin, BPM 114 (6:06)
6. The Clash, The Magnificent Dance (Sandinista Dub) by john pillin, BPM 118 (5:29)
7. Love & Rockets, Ball Of Confusion (Contempt Music Dept Dub) by john pillin, BPM 120 (5:26)
8. Michael Jackson, Who Is It (Take Message Edit) by maybe, BPM 122 (6:10)
9. Sunscreem, Pressure Us (Times Four Mixes Edit) by maybe, BPM 126 (7:40)
10. U2, One Tree Hill (Mississippi Mix) by john pillin, BPM 126 (8:30)
11. Until December, Until December (Blue New Year Mix) by mm/ss, BPM 130 (5:10)

1). Prodijy vs Unknown - Outta Space (5:00)
2). Eminem vs Sting vs Craig David - Rise to your Conscience (4:54)
3). Michael Jackson vs Martin Luther King - Billy’s got a Dream 126bpm (8:37)
4). Mr Oizo vs The Klubbheads - Flat Bass Bomb 129bpm 5:04)
5). Fat Boy Slim vs Blondie - Fat Blonde Strut 129bpm (6:30)
6). Armand van Helden vs Pink - Get the Funk Phenomena Started 129 bpm (6:58)
7). Unknown vs Olive - Not Alone Again 131 bpm (6.22)
8). Unknown vs Underworld - Reborn Slippy 138 bpm (7:13)

Sting - Desert Rose, 6:54 (from the cd: Hot Tracks 19-2) BMP 127.4 (digital mix by Chris Racine) Mixed used: Melodic Club Mix.

Sting - Shape Of My Heart (dj alfredoG remix), 3:16

The Police - Walking on the Moon (JoolsMF Trip-hop remix), 3:55 (pretty coool version)

Sting "Send Your Love" Epod Remix, 8:12

Fragile, remixed by DJ LUCKY, ( original remixes used: Dj Monk Extended Mix - BPM: 133.0 ), 6:33

Shape Of My Heat (Glacial DnB Mix) (3:48) - The genre is Drum & Bass

Stolen Car (Twista and Talib Kweli Mix)
This remix has added vocals by who appears to be Talib Kweli, aslo female backings vocal has been added. The track is also changed, the guitar riff has been removed, the music is more like on the Will i am remix. So far this remix has not been released official - STRANGE, its a pretty cool mix witch runs for 4:19.

Englishman In New York (sFxFish Dance remix), 5:29

The Police vs Janet Jackson (Voices Inside My Head / Nasty Boys) remixed by DJ Lance Lockarm, 2:56
HBVO Sugarbabes feat Sting & Craig David (Shape Of my Heart (Ultimate Remix) 7:06
CubeG vs. JPL - The Sting Of My Heart (Bootleg Megamix) (Sting, Sugababes, Craig David, Eazy E) 7:17
Rise And Fall (Remix) (Craig David Ft. Sting & Lil Zane) 5:29

Fragile (Transcendental Flow (flow with love...)) mixed by DJ Piotr 'eXbee' Baczkiewicz, 5:49

The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger 2001 (White Label Mix) (6:42)
The Police - Pirates of Tribal - Voices 2003 ( Sting Vs. Wally Lopez Mix ) (10:27)
Sting - Russians (JPL MIX) (5:58)
Sting - Shape Of My Heart (JPL MIX) (6:00)
Sting - Shape Of My Heart (JPL EXTENDED MIX) (9:55)

* Every Breath Without Me, Eminem/The Police – DJ Pedro & MoFo Mix, 5:08
(Very brilliant done, but…. I can’t take Eminem…..and there is no Sting vocals, only Andys brilliant guitar work.

The Derangements:
The Derangements by Stewart Copeland, Stewart has made a some very heavy remix of the old Police tracks.
There is 7 tacks, they have Stings original studio voice, the music has been mixed with live stuff and also different trackes
mixed togethe. The are really heavy stuff, so dont bother if you not into some of the more fast Police recordings.
Track listing: Can't Stand Losing You 4:25 - Don't Stand So Close To Me 3:47 - Tea In The Sahara 3:34 - Walking In Your Footsteps 3:54 - One World (Not Tree) 4:01 - Demolition Man 3:44 - Roxanne 3:09.

The Derangements by Stewart Copeland remixes of the police The Derangements by Stewart Copeland remixes of The Police
written by Sting derangement by Stewart Copeland

Interview With Stewart:
II have also a 38 minute interview with Stewart where he plays some of the tracks and how he blend all of it together.

A Thousand Years, Galaxies In My Head Mix, 4:18, fun what you can do with a pc !

Desert Rose, Remix, 5:51
Desert Rose, Sirk Remix, 6:17
Desert Rose, DJ Evillian´s Breakbeat Mix, 4:56 (more drums – sounds great)
Desert Rose, Larkero's Arabic Mix, 9:59 – another mix but too arabic for my cup of tea !
Desert Rose, DJ PIERRE's Club REMix, 8:20 – another mix
Desert Rose, Sting vs Rosabel - Desert Sound (DJ Jeremy Red Rose Mixx), 9:41 (a new pumped up house mix - a very well done mix).
Sting Vs. Melanie C. - Desert Rose / I Turn To You (Victor Calderone Vs. Hex Hector Mix), 9:59

Englishman In New York, DJ. Buhtl Vs. Sting, House Mix, 3:57

Every Breath You Take 2003 (ON House Mix), 7:02 (A really nice mix with respect to original version)

Fields Of Gold, Techno Remix, 5:34

Fragile (World Trade Center mix), 3:54

It's Probably Me, DJ. Buhtl Vs. Sting, Filtered House Mix, 3:52

Heavy Cloud No Rain, Massive Exchange Mix, 4:00 (Great mix – really cool)

King Of Pain, 69 Bootleg Remix, 8:12
King Of Pain, White Label Club Mix, 8:58

King Of Pain (Brown Acid Remix), 8:07
King Of Pain (Hani vs Sting), 7:22
King Of Pain (3rd mix), 3:30
King Of Pain (Tough Tranced Out Vocal Mix), 8:59
King Of Pain (Original Intro Mix), 1:18

Too Much Information, Mix 1, 6:50
Too Much Information, Mix 2, 6:52

The Police & Sting, Megamix, 4:38
The Police, Roxanne (DMC House Nation Mix), 6:03
The Police, Megamix - Disco Mix Club, 9:12
The Police, Voices Inside My Head (2000’ White Label Mix), 8:32

The Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Neil Christian Mix 1, 5:03
The Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Neil Christian Mix 2, 3:4

Piratebrain Vs. The Police - Wrapped Around My Finger, White Label, 6:24
Piratebrain Vs. The Police - Invasion Roxanne, White Label Remix, 6:49

Piratebrain Vs The Police: Wrapped Around My Finger 6.24
Skulduggery Vs The Police: Wrapped Around Your Finger (Skulduggery Vocal Mix) 7.40
Liquidbrain Vs The Police: The Invasion/Roxane 6.54

Police: Roxanne (Redefined Mix) 5.30 remixed by REK DA GAFF

Tomato’s Factory, Message In A Bottle, Radio Edit, 3:28
Tomato’s Factory, Message In A Bottle, Velvet Dub, 8:14
Tomato’s Factory, Message In A Bottle, Extended Mix, 6:50
Tomato’s Factory, Message In A Bottle, Love Solution Dub, 7:21
Tomato’s Factory, Message In A Bottle, Hiver & Hammer Remix, 7:31


(Special tv appearences)
SNL 88'-99 (16 tracks):

1). We'll Be Together 3:50
2). Littel Wing 4:41
3). All This Time 5:09
4). Mad About You 4:30
5). My Black Northern Indrustrial Town 4:44
6). Purple Haze 2:58
7). If I Ever Loose My Faith In You 4:21
8). Love Is Stronger Than Justice 4:14
9 ). Every Breath You Take 3:36
10 ). Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot 5:21
11). 1-600-555-Bloke 1:13
12). You Still Touch Me
13). My One An Only Love 2:47
14). Evita 4:27
15). Brand New Day 3:49
16). Desert Rose 3:41

(Virgin Radio 99' / TFI Friday)
(14 tracks):
1). Terre d’oru - I Muvrini (3:44)
2). Shoot The Breeze (2:21)
3). Willow Weep For Me - Radio 1993 (5:29 )
4). It's Only A Paper Moon - Radio 1993 (2:17)
5 ). Moon Over Bourbon Street, tube recording (2:49)
6). Black and White Army (written by sting) (3:40)
7). Brand New Day, TFI Friday (2:25 )
8). Every Breath You Take, (duet with Tom Jones) TFI Friday (1:41)
9). Green Green Grass of Home, duet with Tom Jones, TFI Friday (0:59)
10). If I Ever Louse My Faith In You, Virgin Radio 99, (4:41)
11). Brand New Day, Virgin Radio (3:58)
12). Perfect Love..Gone Wrong, Virgin Radio 99' (4:32)
13). After The Rain, Virgin Radio 99' (6:17)
14). Desert Rose, Virgin Radio 99' (4:34)


(BND on TV)
(12 tracks):
1). Set Them Free, Net Aid (4:27)
2). Brand New Day, Net Aid (3:48)
3). Meli Meli w/ Cheb Mami vocal, Net Aid (4:01)
4). Desert Rose, Net Aid (4:01)
5). Don't You Wan't Me ? VH-1 Karoke (2:51)
6). A 1000 Years, Nobel Peace Prize Concert (4:40)
7). Fields Of Gold, Rosie O' Donnel Show (4:07)
8). If I Ever Loose My Fait In You/Every Breat You Take - Later Today Show (8:53)
9). Brand New Day (acoustic) Connon O'Brien Show (3:16)
10). Chameleon, An audience recoridng of a "jam session" from 1991 with Andy Summers (12:43)
11). Message In A Bottle (4:41)
12). Every Littel Thing She Does Is Magic (4:46)

Sting - Radio Sessions 99'
VH1 Live sessions
1). A thousand Years 4:17
2). Desert Rose 3:51
The Today Show
3). If You Love Somebody Set Them Free 4:09
4). Dersert Rose 4:28
5). Brand New Day 4:12
Virgin Radio Sessions
6. Perfect Love Gone Wrong
7). If I Ever Lose My Faith In You 4:40
8). After The Rain Has Gone 6:17
9). Brand New Day 4:57
10). Desert Rose 4:32
TF1 Friday
11). Brand New Day 3:40
12) Every Breath You Take (with Tom Jones) 1:42
13). Green Green Grass of Home (with Tom Jones) 1:01
Des O' Conner Show
14) Brand New Day 4:01
Kenny Kirkland Tribute
15). Endomy 10:08
Les Année Tubes
16). It's Probably Me (with Garou) 4:34